In India, a “roka” ceremony is where friends and family come together to enjoy the engagement of a couple and celebrate by sharing a meal.

At a “roka”, the energy in the atmosphere is palpable, spirits are lifted, the air is filled with laughter, song and dance. The courting couple exchange playful glances. Under the canvas of the sky, rings are exchanged.

It is intimate. It is lively. It is pure.

Inspired by this poetic ceremony, was born aRoqa – an immersive culinary experience with the belief that food brings us closer.

Owner Monica Saxena created aRoqa as a restaurant and cocktail bar where anniversaries/birthdays to everyday happy hours feel special in its festive atmosphere with a chic ambiance. aRoqa fuses authentic Indian flavors with fanciful presentations to have our discerning New York/Global clientele thrill both their palates and their eyes. The cocktail offerings embrace the same theme of enjoying life by presenting cocktails pleasing to both the eyes and the taste of our sophisticated clientele.

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